Imagine a website, where you discover disruptive minds, sharing what ideas influenced them the most, made them shift their perspective and see unthinkable things.

There are genealogy trees of people, but what about making a genealogy map of the ideas, which turn your mind upside down?

This is what will be about.

The name comes from Ctrl Alt Del and, as the digitally natives could guess, is associated with ‘restarting’.

The site will focus on the things making us change our perspectives and it will try to answer the following questions:

– What influences the disruptive ideas?
– What kind of ideas the disruptive minds get influenced from?
– What is the genealogy of disruptive ideas in the society?

Imagine Seth Godin, Nassim Taleb, Kevin Richardson, and another ‘loving to be disruptive’-people, sharing what they find disruptive, but from their context. It could be a technology thing, a piece of research, a story, a report, a piece of art,  or just personal challenge.

The audience of will be allowed to find links between ideas which turn directions and people who turn directions with what they do.

The project is inspired by, but it will be even more picky.

The next topics are going to be covered:
– bio-ethics and why after studying 17 years in high schools and universities, and we know so little about our bodies
– human-computer interaction and how to do it without sitting, staring at the monitor and typing, but rather use speech-2-text technologies
– how to educate children via alternative systems and why our schools are not buildings anymore
– how to grow as intellectual without immobilization, glasses, burnout syndrome and diopters
– alternative ways to transfer information like sugestopedia
– man who turned the others’ perspectives like Nassim Taleb with his ways to analyze the vulnerabilities of the systems
– alternative financial systems like Distributism
– alternative villages and sustainable energy
– alternative thinkers and experimenters, like the ones on Coboat
– alternative methods to create a startup or work remotely – like the ones of Dane Maxwell, Tim Ferris, Leonie Dawson and Pat Flynn
– digital nomadic cultures, ways to survive as digital nomad

and many other topics you find important for the society.

Every single referred intellectual will have her own column and rights to refer and invite other people. This way the community will curate itself.

We can organize together creative contests, blog-challenges, or any art and community experiments we may find interesting, and also experiment with new ad formats and digital currencies.

All published materials will belong to their authors and will be under a  license, chosen by them. Every author will keep her right to promote in her article her personal projects and causes.

I had the opportunity to sell this domain to a marketing agency, but I decided to keep it in order to turn it to a cultural alternatives portal, focused on innovative ideas, which help the people shift their perspective.  I hope we can make this happen together! Please share in a comment what are the most mind-shifting ideas you have seen!


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